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Help my friend make online shopping for kid’s glasses

It seems easy for me to buy almost everything from online stores, so my friends often ask me to help them order products online. Actually, I am an experienced online shopper with so many years’ practice. I help my family members as well as my dear friends buy what they want from online stores at very low price. They all trust my ability, so they are willing to give me different tasks. I can gain a high sense of achievement when they tell me that they feel very satisfied with the products that I order for them. Their praise means a lot to me and then I will share the reliable stores with others. Some days ago, one of my friends called me and asked me to buy a pair of kid’s glasses for her own son who was only ten years old and had a serious problem with his eyesight. She had taken her son to see a professional optician in a hospital near her house and the doctor advised her to buy a pair of high quality eyeglasses to prevent the boy’s eyesight from further declining. She had no idea of how to make a good choice so that she turned to me for help.

To me, though I have been an online shopper for many years but this was indeed my first time to order prescription glasses from online glasses store. I doubted over the reliability to buy such an important article from online stores even though I was sure that had the ability to make a wise judgment. She calmed me down and encouraged me to have a try. Well, since she had total confidence upon this purchase method, I decided to have a try.

I had little knowledge of kid’s glasses, in reality. But it was lucky that my friend once bought glasses online and I still remember the website address of that store where she made a pleasant online shopping. Logging on the site of www.cheapglasses123.com, I found various types of kid’s glasses there, each of which had a reasonable price that I think could be acceptable to my friend. I picked out several types and then made inquiry with the service personnel to know more details. After I was sure of everything, I sent the pictures to my friend and asked her to see.